Imperial Schrade Knives Corporation

When the name Smith and Wesson is discussed, pictures of the Wild West and fast, gun slinging bad guys and heroes enter your mind. There are a very few names that sound of tradition, quality and excellent old made Americanism than Smith and Wesson. Maybe you have thought about exactly what kind of knives those very early cowboys used? Not remarkably, the answer isn’t really Smith and Wesson, however its sis business, Schrade Knives.

Schrade has actually been supplying knives for soldiers and civilians alike for the last century. They have not constantly done it under the parent business they’re now under. They used to be an independent business and have actually been doing this from Ellenville, New York since 1904. About 30 years earlier, they associated Smith and Wesson under the Taylor Brands.

Due to the fact that their name altered does not suggest Schrade knives have actually ended up being any less certified to be called one of the finest knives on the market. They have actually translated their unyielding quality to contemporary production strategies, resulting in even more exceptional knives that any of our great grandfathers would be happy to possess.

It had not been constantly a smooth road for Schrade. Throughout the summertime of 2004, they chose to close their doors permanently. Numerous knife collectors rushed to purchase their preferred knife and keep it for their collections. Not knowing that Taylor Brands would rapidly pick the brand name up off the floor, dust off their image, and begin producing knives under their brand name once again.

Their more recent items consist of the functional Uncle Henry knives, Schrade Folding Knives, Schrade Fixed Blade Knives, Imperial Knives and their desired Old Timer knives. There are hundreds of tales and reviews from pleased clients, from world champ moose callers to heroic mountain EMT rescue groups.

Schrade released a “Bill of Rights” where they discuss exactly what to try to find in a quality knife. In this, they describe the numerous things that differentiate a quality, hand crafted knife from the oceans of poor quality, price cut knives.

The first element they discuss is the high quality products they make use of. They make a really clear point that there are up to 22 various parts that are produced with exacting accuracy in constructing knives. They then go on to talk about exactly how every knife needs over 120 various processing methods, and each of them are accomplished by hand. They make the evaluation that just about 10 producers worldwide really utilize this lots of procedures by hand.