Schrade 104OT Old Timer Minuteman 2-Blade Pocket Knife

Schrade 104OT Old Timer Minuteman 2-Blade Pocket KnifeSchrade makes a gentlemen’s knife, and the Schrade 104OT Old Timer Minuteman is in the dead center of that class. The blades are typically a little too thin for me, however that hasn’t avoided me from getting Schrade knives lots of times for many years. They make a refined knife. It may not be the knife you’d pick as an emergency screwdriver, however if you do that with a great knife, you’re a lout anyhow and you are worthy of a bent or broken blade.

Modern tempering techniques are big scale, not specific as it used to be in olden times, however the quality of the knife is within acceptable limits. You can purchase a knife from Schrade that takes an edge and keeps it, or you can get the precise same design of that knife and get one that requires more regular sharpening.

You’ll still get a great pocketknife, appropriate for many individuals’s requirements. You could end up with something too pricey to make use of if you desire something more.

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Schrade 160OT Old Timer Fixed Blade - Mountain Lion

This is a little to average sized skinning / hunting knife with a 4.3″ blade and a total length of 9.3″. This knife weighs 6.9 oz and features a thick natural leather sheath.

Schrade 160OT Old Timer Fixed Blade - Mountain Lion

This knife is full tang (indicating the knife is one constant piece of steel with the handle bolted on to either side) so it is rather strong. The upswept blade shape lends itself perfect to skinning. The 160OT has a saber grind that develops an incredibly sharp edge. An additional visible function is the big piece of brass utilized as a type of guard. When working with the knife on a fresh kill, this is a good detail and provides you a little additional grip and security.

The handles are made from standard Schrade saw cut Delrin, a dark resin that is exclusively used by Schrade. It produces a very resilient and good-looking knife.

The sheath is rather good for a knife with a price under $25. It’s constructed of thick natural leather and has a belt loop and a strong snap loop for retention. All in all this is rather a good skinning knife that has actually been in the Schrade line-up for years.

The Schrade 160OT is offered at and they are presently providing this knife eligible with cost-free shipping and a nice discount (last time I checked almost 40 % off). I have actually browsed at various other merchants and does appear to presently have the beast offer on this knife.

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Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife

This 3 blade folding knife, with a total length of 6.9 inches, has a timeless appearance. It’s a classic Old Timer with stainless steel blades and a black/brown Delrin handle with brass pins. The blades are a long clip point blade, a spey and sheepsfoot. It weighs only 2.8 ounces which makes it easy to carry with you. It’s an ideal knife for every day use.

Return to your roots with Schrade. The Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife is extensively valued as a great replica of the knives your forefathers carried. Its classic look is very appealing: from authentic “old timers” to pint-sized grand children. On top of its appearances, you’ll like its utility; keeping this knife’s stainless steel spey, clip, and sheepsfoot blades razor sharp is simple.

The Schrade Old Timer 8OT multi-blade folding knife uses super-sharp, high-carbon steel blades created to hold excellent edges, due to the high quality Steel and the 1 % carbon mix. The handle has a saw cut pattern for comfy and safe use. This knife has strong brass linings and nickel silver bolsters adding strength and durability.

I really like the quality and the steel that Old Timer utilizes in their blades. With this knife you can take on most any job you encounter that needs a pocket knife. It’s a very comfortable knife to carry. It just weighs 3.2 ounces and is only 4 inches long and a half inch wide, when closed up. It’s very well constructed and has the classic Old Timer appearance.

old timer 8ot-1   Old Timer 8OT-2

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Schrade Old Timer Guthook Skinner and Hunting Knife

This affordable and functional skinning knife is large enough for deer and not too large for little game, so it’s a useful knife for hunters who do not wish to carry even more than is essential. The stainless steel blade measures 3.63″ and is full tang so your work is supported up by one piece of steel all the way to the butt of the wood styled Delrin handle. The dropped blade design functions as a finger guard, making its construction simple and clean.

Schrade Old Timer Guthook Skinner and Hunting Knife

Perfectly created for butchering and skinning game, this Schrade Old Timer Guthook knife will not rather fit as a standard utility or survival “do everything with it” knife. It’s rather not large enough for that (a total length of just 7.25″ makes it not heavy however convenient) and it isn’t really tough enough to hold up against the hammering and levering that a sturdy blade needs to withstand.

A skinning knife isn’t really always expected to do that. An excellent skinner is smaller sized and requires the exact same type of clean, basic, gap-free construction that this kind of knife shows. Schrade Knives have actually constantly shown that their skinning knife designs eliminate everything you do not really need for this kind of task.

The classic style stitched natural leather sheath does not have much for appearances, however it does include a breeze loop to keep this functional timeless hunting knife on your belt where it belongs.

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Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife

The Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife is a popular survival knife made by Schrade. Thinking about that the SCHF2 retails for just $50, I felt it would be intriguing to see exactly what specifically the SCHF2 is all about.

This is an average sized knife with a 7.5″ long blade and an overall length of 12.7″. The knife weighs 17.8 ounces which isn’t really to bad from a knife made from 100 % high carbon steel. Schrade does make a smaller sized, lighter variation, the Schrade SCHF1SM. The blade on the SCHF2 is 7/32″ thick and has a hollow saber grind that I discovered carries out the job of splitting wood rather well. The SCHF2 is a drop point design blade however, the SCHF1 which is the very same size and design of knife, in a spear point setup.

Schrade SCHF2

Steel and Construction

The SCHF2 is created from one very solid and strong piece of SAE 1070 High Carbon Steel. 10 series steel varies from 1095-1050 (1095 has the most carbon and 1050 the least). 1070 is an excellent option of steel since it strikes a good balance in between being tough, and holding an edge. (For quick reference: 1050 is the hardest steel in the range, however it does not hold an edge well, 1095 holds an edge exceptionally well, however isn’t really extremely tough.)

The SCHF2 is a knife with a hollow handle. A steel cap is threaded to the end of the hollow handle. Inside the handle is a little item kit (that can be changed with whatever you like). Standard hollow (“Rambo”) knives are 2 pieces bolted together. Since the 2 pieces are merely bolted together they are extremely vulnerable to snapping in half and are entirely pointless as a survival knife. Because the SCHF2 is made of one piece, it is different from the traditional hollow handle knives. You can beat the hell out of this knife and it shows no sign of failure.

The total fit and finish of this knife is great. The blade feels heavy and cool in your hand. The milling has actually been completed very nice and the screw cap threads well and locks securely. The whole knife has actually gotten a matte black finish that has worn well.

Hollow Handle

As I pointed out previously, this knife has a hollow handle. You can screw a cap with an o-ring at the end, and it houses a multi-tool that threads into the end of the handle. This is a very nice feature but this multi-tool isn’t something I would bring along into the woods. The very best part about this hollow handle is that it’s waterproof. I took the multi tool out of the knife and put some matches in the handle.


The sheath is a standard nylon sheath with an external pocket and a plastic insert. You can attach the sheath to your gear in a couple of different ways. It does an OKAY job with blade retention, with some adjustment you might make it a bit tighter and then it would serve well.

This is really a high value survival knife, because it is almost unbreakable. Schrade uses 1070HC steel, the sheath isn’t really bad and the knife sharpens rather quickly. For $50, you actually cannot ask for a lot more. Usually customers are very positive about this survival knife. This knife is ranked 5 stars on Amazon.

You can buy the Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife for just over $50. After looking around, I discovered that the very best offer was on Amazon. They offer free shipping on this knife.

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Schrade SCHF9 - Best Survival Knife Under $50

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is a medium-large knife with a length of 12″, a blade length of 6.4″ and a weight of 15.9 ounces. There are 3 functions that I think are particularly important with the blade.

The SCHF9 has actually a blunted tip, a deep complete flat grind and a plain edge. I choose a blunted tip over a pointed one with a survival knife since it makes for a much more powerful tip that is less likely to break. My main use with a big survival knife is slicing and not stabbing. So for that reason a strong tip is essential to me.

The complete flat grind is likewise a crucial attribute that I like in such a big survival knife. The thick steel and full flat grind makes the knife extremely hatchet like. This knife stands out at splitting wood and other slicing  jobs. Mentioning slicing, the blade’s weight and balance make it perfect for slicing and splitting while the well-designed handle keeps the knife in your hand.

For a survival knife combination edges have drawbacks, partly serrated blades are very difficult to sharpen (particularly in the field) and supply neither the benefit of a complete serrated knife nor the benefit of a full plain edge. The mix of the blunt pointer, deep flat grind and plain edge is an absolute winner. I believe it’s a perfect mix for a big survival knife, specifically coupled with a pocket chain or wire saw.

Schrade SCHF9

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Blade Steel

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife is made from a single strong piece of 1095 High Carbon steel. 1095 is an extremely popular knife and device steel and is an outstanding option for a survival blade. This is extremely essential if you are in a survival situation.

All knives, even stainless steel knives, can and will certainly rust without the correct maintenance. Rust is quickly prevented by keeping the blade dry, keeping it beyond the sheath, and oiling sometimes. Schrade likewise used a teflon coat to the blade to decrease the chance of rust.


A lot of attention went into developing the handle of the SCHF9. The handle is gently textured and my experiences with the knife is that it is really grippy. The handle on the SCHF9 has 3 finger choils and a huge palm swell making the handle easy to hold. In addition, the mix of the handle shape and hard rubber scales make this an extremely comfy knife to use. The finger choils on the handle and the un-sharpened part of the blade offer you a range of grasping choices.


The sheath is excellent for such a huge survival knife in this price range. Now a bad sheath can be a deal-breaker for me so I really appreciate a great sheath. The cordura sheath is well made and has a plastic insert with an adjustable retention strap for carrying left or right. Exactly what this suggests is that you can strap this sheath to your belt, leg or vest, whatever you really want. This sheath has plenty of options, exactly what I like..

For a fairly basic cordura sheath, Schrade has truly put the time and effort into making the most of it. For a “do it all” survival knife the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife actually impresses me.