Schrade 104OT Old Timer Minuteman 2-Blade Pocket Knife

Schrade 104OT Old Timer Minuteman 2-Blade Pocket KnifeSchrade makes a gentlemen’s knife, and the Schrade 104OT Old Timer Minuteman is in the dead center of that class. The blades are typically a little too thin for me, however that hasn’t avoided me from getting Schrade knives lots of times for many years. They make a refined knife. It may not be the knife you’d pick as an emergency screwdriver, however if you do that with a great knife, you’re a lout anyhow and you are worthy of a bent or broken blade.

Modern tempering techniques are big scale, not specific as it used to be in olden times, however the quality of the knife is within acceptable limits. You can purchase a knife from Schrade that takes an edge and keeps it, or you can get the precise same design of that knife and get one that requires more regular sharpening.

You’ll still get a great pocketknife, appropriate for many individuals’s requirements. You could end up with something too pricey to make use of if you desire something more.

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