Schrade 160OT Old Timer Fixed Blade – Mountain Lion

This is a little to average sized skinning / hunting knife with a 4.3″ blade and a total length of 9.3″. This knife weighs 6.9 oz and features a thick natural leather sheath.

Schrade 160OT Old Timer Fixed Blade - Mountain Lion

This knife is full tang (indicating the knife is one constant piece of steel with the handle bolted on to either side) so it is rather strong. The upswept blade shape lends itself perfect to skinning. The 160OT has a saber grind that develops an incredibly sharp edge. An additional visible function is the big piece of brass utilized as a type of guard. When working with the knife on a fresh kill, this is a good detail and provides you a little additional grip and security.

The handles are made from standard Schrade saw cut Delrin, a dark resin that is exclusively used by Schrade. It produces a very resilient and good-looking knife.

The sheath is rather good for a knife with a price under $25. It’s constructed of thick natural leather and has a belt loop and a strong snap loop for retention. All in all this is rather a good skinning knife that has actually been in the Schrade line-up for years.

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