Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife

The Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife is a popular survival knife made by Schrade. Thinking about that the SCHF2 retails for just $50, I felt it would be intriguing to see exactly what specifically the SCHF2 is all about.

This is an average sized knife with a 7.5″ long blade and an overall length of 12.7″. The knife weighs 17.8 ounces which isn’t really to bad from a knife made from 100 % high carbon steel. Schrade does make a smaller sized, lighter variation, the Schrade SCHF1SM. The blade on the SCHF2 is 7/32″ thick and has a hollow saber grind that I discovered carries out the job of splitting wood rather well. The SCHF2 is a drop point design blade however, the SCHF1 which is the very same size and design of knife, in a spear point setup.

Schrade SCHF2

Steel and Construction

The SCHF2 is created from one very solid and strong piece of SAE 1070 High Carbon Steel. 10 series steel varies from 1095-1050 (1095 has the most carbon and 1050 the least). 1070 is an excellent option of steel since it strikes a good balance in between being tough, and holding an edge. (For quick reference: 1050 is the hardest steel in the range, however it does not hold an edge well, 1095 holds an edge exceptionally well, however isn’t really extremely tough.)

The SCHF2 is a knife with a hollow handle. A steel cap is threaded to the end of the hollow handle. Inside the handle is a little item kit (that can be changed with whatever you like). Standard hollow (“Rambo”) knives are 2 pieces bolted together. Since the 2 pieces are merely bolted together they are extremely vulnerable to snapping in half and are entirely pointless as a survival knife. Because the SCHF2 is made of one piece, it is different from the traditional hollow handle knives. You can beat the hell out of this knife and it shows no sign of failure.

The total fit and finish of this knife is great. The blade feels heavy and cool in your hand. The milling has actually been completed very nice and the screw cap threads well and locks securely. The whole knife has actually gotten a matte black finish that has worn well.

Hollow Handle

As I pointed out previously, this knife has a hollow handle. You can screw a cap with an o-ring at the end, and it houses a multi-tool that threads into the end of the handle. This is a very nice feature but this multi-tool isn’t something I would bring along into the woods. The very best part about this hollow handle is that it’s waterproof. I took the multi tool out of the knife and put some matches in the handle.


The sheath is a standard nylon sheath with an external pocket and a plastic insert. You can attach the sheath to your gear in a couple of different ways. It does an OKAY job with blade retention, with some adjustment you might make it a bit tighter and then it would serve well.

This is really a high value survival knife, because it is almost unbreakable. Schrade uses 1070HC steel, the sheath isn’t really bad and the knife sharpens rather quickly. For $50, you actually cannot ask for a lot more. Usually customers are very positive about this survival knife. This knife is ranked 5 stars on Amazon.

You can buy the Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Knife for just over $50. After looking around, I discovered that the very best offer was on Amazon. They offer free shipping on this knife.

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